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Agardon Burning Eyes


  • Liedertreffen 2008

    This May I was on a Music Festival north of Berlin organized by Liedermacher-Forum. The people were very nice und treated eachother like family, so I had a great time, doing some activities and listening to the musicians with their selfmade songs or cover songs of Reinhard Mey or others.

  • My Songbook

    • This is my Guitar-Songbook converted to the HTML-Format. Originally it is written in the PRO-Format and converted to Postscript.
  • Irish Folk

    • Besides these songs I like to play Irish/Scottish folk, which was the reason for learning the guitar. To my sorrow I never learned it to my satisfaction so that my skill is just good enough for playing at the campfire or for myself.
  • Favored Lyrics

    • The Sick Note is one of the funniest songs I have ever heard and when I was at school I tried to learn it by heart just from hearing it. (Now I have learned my misunderstandings...)
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Last change: May 26 2011