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Agardon Burning Eyes


2005 Here are some words about me and this homepage.

Name Thomas Roller
Residence Langen, Germany
Job Software-Engineer
Born 1971

On this homepage I will present things about my study, my travelling and some of my hobbies. Step by step I will add some content, so that every topic will be filled with some information. I must beg for your patience since I don't have that much time left for this work.

During my study I travelled to many countries in Europe , from which I am showing some pictures. After getting my degree in 2001 I granted myself half a year timeout before looking for a job. During this time I went backpacking to Oceania. This was a great experience and I can only recommend everybody to do something like that who has the time.

I always liked to do sports during my study and to some of my activations I will add something here. Especially Volleyball was one of my favored and I am doing this til now (as long as my joints will allow). Besides I was always interested in the various martial arts and the asian culture in general. Tai Ji is the last form I have learned at the university and hopefully will be doing the next years.

Another great passion is Roleplaying (Pen & Paper), that I am playing since I became thirteen more or less regular. Computer Roleplaying Games like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate and so on are also fascinating me.

During my studying I started to play the guitar with a friend, but thanks to my missing musicality I shouldn't play outside the privacy of my home. Anyway I have translated my selfmade songbook to html and publish it here so that I have always my favored songs available.

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Last change: May 26 2011